Table of contents

A shared goal

SDG 3 goals
A changing world
Quality in healthcare
Trends and opportunities
Wellbeing for all
Reaching 1 million lives and 50 million life years
Focussing for success

A rich Heritage

Tribute to Asmund Laerdal
Moving into life saving
When Åsmund Saved His Son
Bjørn Lind – Stavanger’s resuscitation pioneer
New Concept: The Trained Bystander
Never Satisfied with the Status Quo
Girl from the River Seine
The Vision of Helping Low-Income Countries
Promoting Mass Training
Moving into Hi-Tech
Recognising Errors – and Learning from Them
The Contrast: Low-Tech Mini Anne
A New Opening: Laerdal Global Health

Improving survival in the community

The Global Potential
Shelisha and Khalif’s Story
Mobilising the First Resuscitation Team
Four-Fold Increase in Survival in Denmark
Improving Community CPR Training
Mr. Ha’s Story
Activating a Community of First Responders
Luqman’s Story
High Performance EMS CPR
Tim’s Story
TeamReporter and other QCPR aids
EMS Best Practice Going Global
A Beacon for All
Mickey Eisenberg 10 steps video intro
A Devastating Duo
The World Health Organization Comes to Utstein
Emergency Care for 10 SDG Targets

Quality care in hospital

Improving access
64 Million Reasons to Change
The Patient Safety Movement
Crossing the Digital Divide
The Transformative Potential of e-Learning
AHA – a Long-Standing Partnership
The Competence-Based Revolution
RQI Partners
The RQI eCredential
The American Heart Association’s Vision of RQI
Catrina’s Story
High-Fidelity Simulation
Ashley’s Story
At Your Service
Seeing is Believing
AAP – a Long and Evolving Partnership
Improving the Care of Mothers and Babies
NLN – From the Classroom to the Bedside
The International Year of the Nurse and Midwife
WFSA – Safe Anaesthesia and Surgery
SAFER – A Shining Example
India: The Seeds Have Been Planted
Responding to the Pandemic
Gavi – Enhancing Vaccination
Developing an Emergency Ventilator in Record Time

Saving lives at birth in low-resource settings

Regina’s Story
Amsale’s Story – video
Laerdal Global Health is Born
Helping Babies and Mothers Survive
More and More Happy Birthdays
Happy Birthdays video
Guiding the Way Forward
ICM – Strengthening Midwifery Education
Scaling up Kangaroo Mother Care to Help Small Babies
Kangaroo Mother Care video
Increasing the Reach
27,000 Safer Births Studied
Safer Births video
The Safer Births Bundle
Safer Births in Nepal and DR Congo
Safer Births Scale Up
Data-Driven Quality Improvement
Keeping Normal Births Normal
Safer Caesarean Sections and Anaesthesia
Family Planning
Coming Full-Circle

The Laerdal commitment

Jan’s story
Laerdal Foundation – Research Support
Laerdal Medical – In-House Development
Laerdal Global Health – Support of Global Health
Laerdal Million Lives Fund – Impact investment
GFF – Innovation to Scale
Winners of the GFF/Laerdal Call for Proposals

A sustainable future

Laerdal’s Environmental Ambitions
Carbon Neutral
Circular Solutions
Social Responsibility
A Sustainable Culture
People Who Find Meaning in Their Work
Trust in the Meaningful Mission