Impact and sustainability report

Spring 2023

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Tor Inge’s story

Administered life-saving CPR to his father.

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Meskerem’s story

Kangaroo Mother Care helped keep baby Meskerem safe.

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Luqman’s story

Luqman has saved the lives of around 20 people.

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Danieli’s story

Danieli nurse did not give up when he was born not breathing

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Ashley’s story

Ashley saved a patient after sudden cardiac arrest.

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Aaresh & Bedika’s story

Recent training gave new midwife, Bedika confidence to save Aaresh

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Tayeeba's story

Midwife Sakina did not give up on baby Tayeeba.

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Catrina’s story

Witnessing a road accident, Catrina knew what to do.

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Shalisha’s story

Saved her nephew found lifeless in a pond.

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How we do it

  1. Early interventions with high lifesaving potential and low cost to society
    - Early activation of the emergency response system, improved interaction between callers and dispatchers, and rapid treatment on arrival at hospital.
  2. Enabling technologies
    - Digital solutions and AI to capture and analyze data for decision-making, user feedback, Quality Improvement initiatives and adaptive refresher training.
  3. Collaborative initiatives
    - We believe innovation is about impact and the greatest impact can only be achieved through collaboration.

Why we do it

Our commitment – by Tore Laerdal

A shared goal

Our goal of helping save one million lives every year can only be achieved by collaborating with partners, governments and NGOs. Together we have UN’s sustainability goal number 3 as our guiding star – good health and well being for all.

A shared goal

An enduring commitment to good health and well-being

Helping others has always been a part of Laerdal’s DNA. For over 80 years, that has meant a dedication to creating a better world. Going forward, that commitment will grow.

Our Commitment

You’re invited

This is an invitation to collaborate. We are committed to helping our customers and partners achieve their goals, and would love to hear ideas for ways to collaborate to help save one million more lives – together.

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