One Million Lives

Impact and sustainability report

Towards One Million Lives

We are pleased to report on the progress towards the goal we established in 2020: Helping save one million more lives. Every year. By 2030. And to do so in a sustainable way.

The programs described in the report make us believe our ambitious goal is well on the way to being achieved.

We thank our employees and partners for their valued contributions and look forward to the continued journey together towards 2030.

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Report highlights:

Estimated lives saved
from the RQI program
last three years


Potential increase in cardiac
arrest survival
by implementing 10 steps

Potential lives saved if the
Safer Births Bundle of Care
program scales globally ​

Partnerships to achieve greater impact

With our partners we are developing and implementing programs that can have a sustainable and long-term impact in the following areas:

  • Saving lives in the community
  • Improving the quality of care in hospitals
  • Save more lives at birth in low-resource settings

Working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Laerdal works closely with our partners, customers, and international organizations such as the UN Global Compact and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in pursuit of a more sustainable world. Delivering our One Million Lives goal in a sustainable manner is paramount and we are working towards:

  • Becoming carbon neutral by 2030
  • Advancing and implementing circular solutions, and
  • Further strengthening our social responsibility initiatives